Saturday, November 17, 2012

International day

Lincoln school is having their annual celebration and Brianna is sending the love with her friends Maile and Taelor.


Saturday, November 03, 2012

last day of seminary

Brianna goes to an International School and the timing is based on an American style school system. However, for the local kids here in Argentina, they are just finishing up their school year and anxiously waiting summer vacation that is just around the corner. Here is the group that she has been doing early morning seminary with the past year.


Her teacher is the one in the grey shirt and the teacher’s daughter, Fele, is just to the left of Brianna in the photo. To the left of Fele are three girls who joined the church together this past year and faithfully attend every day. To the right of Brianna is her best friend, Maile. They are having spirit week and at school, so she is dressed up for that. Taelor is next, between Maile and the teacher. Her dad works for the FBI and they just moved here in August. I’ll have to have Brianna help me out with the other 4 kids later.