Monday, April 29, 2013

my artist

DSC09970Brianna was soooo unhappy when she found out that she had to take Art II. Especially since she had never taken Art I. You can imagine how she felt when everyone in the class already knew what was going on and she didn’t know a thing. However, it was either Art II or Chemistry…and Art II was the lesser of the two evils.
As it turns out. She is an artist! A really good artist!!!!! In this assignment, she had to compose a piece using only the materials in a book plus one other thing. She chose red paint
DSC09971 I love the roses that she put in this girls hair. It looked gorgeous in person, but it is a little hard to photograph. Here is an upside down shot to show those red tipped roses a little bit better.

This  picture was an assignment in the style of Emily Carr…
 247958 Emily Carrbending-to-the-sky-1992-aonm-24x24-web
Don’t you think she totally captured it?DSC09972
And what art class would be complete without a self-portrait. This was actually one of the first pieces that she drew. It is all done with pencil. Her hair took Forever, but turned out really awesome.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

visa issues


When Brianna returned from the United States after her visit last summer, she found out and subsequently, we found out that her paperwork had been done incorrectly when we entered the country to start our mission. She had the good fortune and the presence of mind when she saw her high school principal, who was also returning that day, to ask him to pay her entrance fee into the country…$170! And he did! Thankfully!

We have had several adventures into the city trying to comply with all the rules and regulations that this has generated. Here we are one day quite a few months ago in front the police station with Elder Dorius and Elder Skousen who were doing their best to help us make it happen.

That day, we also went to Immigrations and the US Embassy, TWICE.

Well, it has now been nine months and we still don’t have the visa. I check on it about every two weeks. We are wondering if it will arrive in time for her to make a trip to the States this summer or not. We are not willing to gamble that she will be able to get back in if she leaves without everything in order.

Friday, April 26, 2013

elder stylist


One of our zone leaders is a professional stylist. He cuts the hair of many, many missionaries in the mission. After the council, everyone left except for him and his companion and then, it was our turn!


Friday, April 19, 2013

kyle and jen


Kyle and Jen came to visit. It was so much fun having them here and sharing all of our favorite places in Buenos Aires. We ate out…A LOT. Eating out is THE SOCIAL EXPERIENCE in Argentina. It lasts all afternoon or all evening and we loved the opportunity to talk and talk catching up with them and sharing our hopes and dreams.

JtPvGqirErTNQ6yD4T32rQhli4u_R3gKwW3_9RVgH38We did make one trip to the grocery store while they were here. In fact, we had a  morning run of errands with our little carts gathering up the goods in all the places where we went.




On Saturday, when Doug was home taking care of business, Brianna was available, and the four of us had a great time playing tennis together.


Although we had a blast of winter a couple of weeks ago, the weather was picture perfect and we enjoyed touring different parts of the city on various days.



They went off to Iguazu Falls while we were at the Mission President’s Seminar, fulfilling a dream of Kyle’s since he served his mission on the other side of the Falls in Brazil.

They came and went and came back. It sure was great spending time together.

flat izzy in buenos aires






Saturday, April 06, 2013

conference saturday


It was a beautiful morning for tennis. I had been sick all week with a fever and didn’t quite have the strength to join in the fun, but it was very pleasant sitting outside enjoying the cool morning.


Meanwhile, Doug was back at the house, manning the parilla. We had a great lunch of steak, baked potatoes, salad and corn on the cob.


The elders brought the equipment that we use for our missionary training to the house. We hooked it up to the computer and enjoyed conference on the big screen. We loose our internet constantly at the house and I prayed fervently that we would be able to watch conference without interruption. It was the morning session of conference but because we are four hours ahead of Utah, it was afternoon for us. We all felt very blessed to enjoy the whole session together. In fact, we didn’t have trouble with our internet the entire weekend, which was truly a miracle!


Friday, April 05, 2013

talent show

DSC_3050Brianna and her friend, Maile Perriton sang a duet together at the school talent show. I thought theirs was the best act of the night…of course!DSC_3052