Saturday, September 25, 2010

trials of my lawn mower

My husband used to mow the lawn/weeds. Then a few years back, I took over the job, mostly because I like it mowed a little bit more often than he is willing to do it. And, I found that I really enjoyed it.

Since I haven't been driving anything for the past 4 weeks AND 2 days, mowing was definitely out of the question. I told Doug that I would sit on the porch and enjoy the evening. It is still a little bit warm for that, but I wanted to be as supportive as possible.

The mowing adventure lasted less that 2 minutes.

Unbeknownest to him, a group of yellow jackets had made a nest near the big camphor tree in the front yard and when Doug mowed over it, they were Not happy. One jacket found a target on Doug's leg and with the pain and swelling that ensued, he was Not happy either.

Much later, we went to the store and bought pesticide so that he could reap his revenge.

He was actually hoping to see thousands of dead wasps in just retribution. Maybe they flew away to die.
Anyway, the lawn did  get mowed. And the nest has been abandoned.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

new glasses

Sunday, September 19, 2010

happy sunday

On our way out of Tallahassee yesterday early evening, we were diverted by police and barricades. I assume it was to help the traffic flow. We actually left the game before it ended as I didn't want to worry about my shoulder getting jostled by the crowd, which meant that we didn't have too much traffic. The houses along the detour were small and not well kept. After a couple of blocks, however, I noticed one in particular because there was a freshly washed white shirt on a hanger drying in the cross current of the front porch. I pointed it out to Doug. "Look, they are getting ready for the Sabbath." For me, it was a powerful reminder of all the preparations that are made to make Sunday special.

Hours later we arrived in Inverness, where my friend Danette, kindly allowed us to stay the evening at her mother's house. It meant that we got to bed much earlier and saved Doug something like 3 hours of driving this weekend, had we gone on home. She had thought of every detail to make us comfortable, including fresh flowers and fresh fruit.

Doug left early for his meetings. I woke up a couple of hours later and after getting ready for church, sat on the patio and enjoyed the beautiful morning while I breakfasted.

The meetings were wonderful today. I especially enjoyed attending Relief Society (although it did give my heart a little tug when I heard the primary children singing down the hall.) Danette shared a spiritual experience that she had where she saw a picture in her mind. Then she figured out what it meant and worked to make it happen. I think it is  interesting how the Spirit works differently among us according to our needs.

There are physical preparations for Sunday and there are spiritual ones. I feel very blessed to be the beneficiary of both kinds of preparation.

My daughter called this evening, and when I answered the phone she said, "Happy Sunday!"

Oh was!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

fsu vs byu

We met my brother, John and his wife Linda and their two kids, Zack and Mav and had a wonderful lunch in Tallahassee at Food Glorious Food. And it was glorious. Loved it!

Then it was off to the home of the SemiNOLES.

We cheered for our Alma Mater.

We lost.

I loved the adventure though. I think Tallahassee is a beautiful city. I enjoyed getting to see a little bit of the school and spending 7 hours in the car with my husband, nearly uninterrupted, was fabulous!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

effortless garden

When the killing freezes destroyed the flower garden growing next to the house and accenting the herb garden, I was very disappointed. However, I waited to see what came back to life and then planted more of the same. My garden received very little care this summer and now, none at all, and yet it is growing with happy abandon serving up daily doses happiness.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

likening the scriptures unto me

I've read the Book of Mormon many, many times. Yet it never ceases to amaze me how answers to current situations seem to pop off the pages exactly when they are needed.

For example, I couldn't have imagined until today that in an account of the sons of the people of Ammon standing fast in defense of their liberty and faith, that I could find so much solace for my current situation in a matter of a dozen verses:

...therefore it became expedient that [I] should wait, that [I] might rerceive more strength...and it came to pass that [I] did wait in these difficult circumstances for the space of many months. [My family, friends and I] did pour out our souls in prayer to God, that he would strengthen [me]...and it came to pass that the Lord our God did visit [me] with assurances that he would deliver [me]; yea, insomuch that he did speak peace to [my] soul, and did grant unto [me] great faith, and did cause [me] that [I] should hope.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

engine 2

When Tricia recently figured out that cow's milk was giving her heartburn, it prompted me to have a better look at my own diet. In an article about John Mackey, the Whole Foods CEO, he referenced the Engine 2 Diet, so I requested a copy from my local library.

Although Rip didn't convince me to become a vegan, nor even a vegetarian, inspite of the quoted facts, he did convince me that I need ALOT more grains, fruits and vegetables in my diet.

I am a huge fan of a breakfast recipe called Rip's Big Bowl. I like how he included quite a few recipes in his book. I am now geocaching my way through Publix looking for and finding items that I never noticed before.

The library book will be due back soon, but I ordered a personal copy on that I can tear apart and use. This diet coincides with the counsel Joseph Smith revealed and recorded in the Doctrine and Covenants more than 100 years ago, including giving up alcohol and coffee. Since foodie fads come and go, I  feel good about incorporating ones that closely mirror my beliefs, as this one does, into my lifestyle.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

greater tuberosity

I went back to see Dr. Manoogian today and had my shoulder x-rayed again. Everything looks okay, so no surgery necessary. He let me get an extra good look at my fracture on the "hot light" on my way out. I thought before that it was a straight line fracture starting at the top of my shoulder and running down about an inch. But what I learned today is that it is actually circular, called a greater tuberosity fracture. It looks like the little picture above, except it isn't detached like that. I go back to the doctor's on the 5th of October and if all is well, then I can start physical therapy. In the meantime...still, still, still.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

no maintenance hair for high maintenance me

Nearly a month ago, I saw someone with cute hair, so I called her salon and made an appointment. It was not convenient to my house, but quite near where I played tennis, so I figured it would work out great...right up until I was no longer driving.

I was debating whether it was possible to even keep the appointment, but Doug said he would take me and then received a reprieve when Gail volunteered.

I told the stylist that I have to put the blow dryer between my knees and rotate my head back and forth and that I truly need a "no maintenance" haircut since I can't manage a brush, nor an iron.

My cute husband, who has never liked my hair short, let alone extra short, is coping.
Brianna tactfully said, "It's different."
My friends told me it was great though, and I am going to go with that ;)

This week, I have been the recipient of so many thoughtful

and acts of kindness.

They have all been significant to me.

I feel very loved.

*In the end, I decided not to have the mri at all since the therapy for a torn rotator cuff or bicep is rest. All parts of my arm will get plenty of rest while waiting for my shoulder to heal.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

splat calculator

I was wondering how fast I was actually moving when I hit the floor. It seems shocking that a fall off a bed could hurt me like this, but it is true. So  I laughed when I found this climbing website called the Splat Calculator.

This calculator simply calculates the ideal speed you're travelling at the end of falling a certain distance. It completely ignores things like friction (air, rock, rope, or otherwise).

If you fill in the height, you'll get the time and speed at the end of your fall. If you're kind enough to supply your mass, you'll also get the energy in joules (newton-meters) when you deck. :-

If I did it correctly, I figured that I was moving about 8 miles an hour and the fall took .4 of a second.

Enough of that...

I didn't get my MRI today. I was feeling quite nervous about it and the lady helping me was as kind as possible, but I am quite claustrophobic. Anyway, she had me all ready to go and said she would do a trial in and out and not to worry because she wasn't starting anything. So in I go,

and she had mis-centered me on the bed, and my shoulder, my poor sad broken shoulder, now encased in some kind of MRI paraphernalia bumps the side of the tube sending shooting pains across my chest and down my arm.

She re-centered me after I cried out in pain and did the trial run thing again, but I just couldn't manage it. I went back to my doctor's office and they said it happens all the time. Then they told me that they would re-schedule me for an open MRI, so I will hope for a better time there.