Sunday, September 19, 2010

happy sunday

On our way out of Tallahassee yesterday early evening, we were diverted by police and barricades. I assume it was to help the traffic flow. We actually left the game before it ended as I didn't want to worry about my shoulder getting jostled by the crowd, which meant that we didn't have too much traffic. The houses along the detour were small and not well kept. After a couple of blocks, however, I noticed one in particular because there was a freshly washed white shirt on a hanger drying in the cross current of the front porch. I pointed it out to Doug. "Look, they are getting ready for the Sabbath." For me, it was a powerful reminder of all the preparations that are made to make Sunday special.

Hours later we arrived in Inverness, where my friend Danette, kindly allowed us to stay the evening at her mother's house. It meant that we got to bed much earlier and saved Doug something like 3 hours of driving this weekend, had we gone on home. She had thought of every detail to make us comfortable, including fresh flowers and fresh fruit.

Doug left early for his meetings. I woke up a couple of hours later and after getting ready for church, sat on the patio and enjoyed the beautiful morning while I breakfasted.

The meetings were wonderful today. I especially enjoyed attending Relief Society (although it did give my heart a little tug when I heard the primary children singing down the hall.) Danette shared a spiritual experience that she had where she saw a picture in her mind. Then she figured out what it meant and worked to make it happen. I think it is  interesting how the Spirit works differently among us according to our needs.

There are physical preparations for Sunday and there are spiritual ones. I feel very blessed to be the beneficiary of both kinds of preparation.

My daughter called this evening, and when I answered the phone she said, "Happy Sunday!"

Oh was!

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