Monday, June 30, 2008

monday and moonlight beach

We started out the day shopping...
Rachel (my sister), Tricia, Melanie, Cherylyn and I...

...and the seven boys! THEY were having a great time.

Then it was decided that most of the group would go back to Rachel's house for swimming and Tricia and I would pick up lunch.

Two hours later, we arrived at the house with the sandwiches in tow...because we HAD to stop off at Anthropologie and see what the California buyers were selling in their store at The Forum. And I got this adorable shirt that was originally $118, because it seems like that is the favorite price tag at that store, but they had marked it down to $9.95, which is possibly the best deal I have ever gotten in the sale room at Anthropologie. It was my lucky day!...Because I also found some adorable things to get for Cherylyn for her birthday.

After swimming most of the afternoon,

we all decided to go to the Moonlight Beach for dinner. We roasted hot dogs and


Not even kidding!
I think it is a California thing.

And then we roasted marshmallows and smashed them between graham crackers with chocolate for dessert.

The kids went swimming and played in the sand.

And we all enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

blessing day

Nolan Carter Evans

Saturday, June 28, 2008

saturday is a special day

John and Joy were sealed in the Newport Beach Temple. Then Zach was sealed to them. Mercedes and Gideon were able to join us in the sealing room to witness Zach's ordinance. Afterwards all the family celebrated together outside the Temple.Joy, John, Mercedes, Chanel, Gideon, Maverick and Zack

Then all the family got together to celebrate mom's 80th birthday. All of her kids and grandkids were there and most of the spouses and great grandkids. It was so wonderful so see everyone all together again. Each of the six of us did a presentation honoring mom. In our presentation, we all told something about what mom was doing when she was our age. Then we had the whole group go outside with 80 balloons and let them all go as a symbol of the far reaching impact of her life on our life and so many others as well. It was a beautiful sight!
Mom and my sisters---Kate#3, me, mom, Rachel#5 and Rebecca#2