Monday, May 19, 2014

happy graduation brianna

 Many of you have had questions regarding the timeline of events for this day.

16h45:- Graduates to be at school

18h00:- School gates will be closed and all family and friends should be seated in the old gym.

18h15:- Graduates will enter the gym and the ceremony will begin.

+-19h30:- All guests and Graduates are welcome to attend the cocktail function in the school cafeteria, hosted by the school.  Please note that the school provides a photographer for the graduation ceremony and he will be in the cafeteria taking formal family photos.  The High School Office will send out an email when these photos are available on his website, as well as what the cost will be to order photos.

+- 20h30 cocktail function ends

21h00:- Graduates and their invited guests (as per attached list) should arrive at La Escondida de Olivos.  Upon arrival please have your formal family photo taken.  We will have 2 photographers available until approximately 02h00.  Each family will receive a dvd with all the photographs taken at the dinner.  An email will be sent out on the Monday or Tuesday after graduation advising that the dvd's are available to be collected from the High School Office.

A cocktail function will be held until approximately 22h15 after which guests will be seated for dinner.  It is important to note that the main meal will be served at approximately 23h00, followed by desert and coffee.

00h30:- "After Grad" guests arrive. *

02h00:- The "Mesa Dulce" will be set out.  This is a table filled with bite sized deserts.  This table will remain out for the rest of the evening.  Tea and coffee will also be available.

04h00:- Mini pizzas will be served

06h00:- DJ will play final song

  The venue offers security throughout the night and they will be walking around the outside of the venue.  We will have extra security available to help out when the After Grad guests arrive.

Tracy Park, Diana Kleinjan-Pagano and Troye Hutchinson have volunteered to chaperone the event until 06h00.  We need 3 or 4 more parents to volunteer to help out please.  There is an office upstairs, away from the noise, should you wish to "escape" for a while!

Please let us know if you have any queries.  We look forward to a wonderful celebration with our Graduates!

Kind regards

Sunday, May 18, 2014