Sunday, August 16, 2015

Saturday, August 01, 2015

lake days with the evans group

IMG_1094I am pretty sure that Mabel was the only one who did not absolutely love our long and adventurous days on the lake this week. However, she tolerated it and even cashed in on a couple of tube rides herself.

The boys said that this week should have been called “Ski Camp” or “Lake Camp”. The also broadly hinted that a grandkid camp along those lines would be most welcome!

Truman went from skiing on two skis to skiing on one ski. He even made a run on his mom’s 20 year old ski! which is the best ski that we currently own!!! Elliot was great pulling out of the water, but it took just a couple of suggestions from his mom to turn him into a confident skier. In addition, he just rocked the kneeboard and was undoubted the master of it. Nolan had his doubts about the whole waterski thing, but even Nolan got the thrill of being up. Our skiers are getting younger and younger!