Tuesday, June 30, 2015

sky camp tree climbing


We told the kids that for their adventure in the sky today that we were going tree climbing.




I even joined in the fun…and can I just say that it is A LOT HARDER than it looks and A LOT HIGHER than it looks!




…And then they Really Got Climbing!

Can you see 7 kids in this picture!IMG_0660

Izzy was afraid to try swinging, but after she tried it once, she wanted to do it again and again.IMG_0665


Carter and Truman really could be Tarzan brothers. There was no limb too high and because they were so fast getting up, they had plenty of time to run along the branches, or just sit and have a chat.IMG_0774

Clark went UP and DOWN several times. It was interesting to watch how the kids attacked the activity and what their preferences were doing it.


Then we had Elliott, who tried numerous ropes and all kinds of ways negotiating the tree, including upside down.


While the other  kids came down for lunch, Courtney and Jonah had us send their lunch UP!IMG_0772IMG_0738

Later on, after they had spent about 3 hours in that 70 foot oak tree, yes, think 7 stories high, the kids also played some team building games, and they were pretty darn good at working together too.



Monday, June 29, 2015

sky camp day 4

After rescuing Truman from his seat belt, we arrived in Titusville at the Space View Park, where we had a quick picnic.009


We all had pretty much the same reaction when we walked into this museum organized in an old home…what are we possibly going to do here for four hours???IMG_0564

Well, the docents were AMAZING and ENTERTAINING. We learned all kinds of cool stuff about the space program.


Then we learned about some of the NASA Spinoffs/Transfer Technologies. As part of that, we made our own Bristlebots. They were these cute little robot things that were incredibly fun to watch and operate.


Then we learned about the rovers and divided into teams and had rover races.


Finally, we went to the control room where each one had a job to do, and we are pleased to announce that our rocket was successfully launched!


Each of the kids received a commemorative pin with the launch from the year of their birth. They also received key ring discovery coins, astronaut pictures, shuttle pictures and an activity book. Honestly, we all walked out with great big smiles after four hours and a half hours! It was terrific!!!



Sunday, June 28, 2015

grandkid camp sunday


We had the whole middle row at church this Sunday. It was a beautiful thing for me to look down the row and think how much I love these growing kids.


There was the added bonus that today was the first time that Truman has exercised his Priesthood, passing the Sacrament to the members of our ward. He and Carter sat head to head at the kitchen table this morning while Carter drew a map of the chapel and explained how it all worked. We arrived early and the boys volunteered.

They ended up serving the members on the other side of the chapel, but I might have kept an eye on them as they worked with sincerity and dignity, which enhanced this ordinance, not only for me, but for all of those present.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

sky camp day 2 bonus


Truman’s brother, Elliot told me that Truman really wanted a casting net for his birthday, which was last week. It must have been true. I have watched as he has poured over the instruction guide and watched numerous YouTube videos. Although not officially part of grandkid camp, our friend, Curtis, came over this morning and taught the big boys how to cast a net.  There is nothing like a real fisherman for teaching the proper casting technique.




And then he shared the joy with his cousin!