Friday, November 26, 2010

26th of november


Happy Birthday dear Brianna. She ventured out for some Black Friday shopping. Then got her nails done.

A group of us went to see


Tangled, which was a fabulous movie about a girl having a birthday! Our celebration was not nearly as spectacular as Rapunzel’s, but we did go to Panera so that Brianna could order her favorite meal there…mac-n-cheese.

Unfortunately, there is a nasty virusvirus lurking around. JB was sick on Tuesday, but made a valiant rally begging his parents to go to Florida (with Papa assuring them that all would be well.) Carter and Izzy were next up Thursday night, actually, Friday morning keeping Dan busy with details that I will not share. Friday night/Saturday morning JB went down again, with Courtney joining him for his second bout. Oh dear…

Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving

 DSC09791 DSC09793


from our house to yours




Wednesday, November 24, 2010

before the holiday


With temperatures in the mid 80s, we enjoyed doing what we love to do at the Birdhouse. 







Papa negotiating forgiveness after taking the kids on a ride that was “not fun, and not funny” according to Carter.


Getting ready for a solo ride.


Brianna’s friend, Rachel, jumped in to rescue Fiddle, a stow-a-way lizard.


 DSC09788   DSC09760 DSC09764

Saturday, November 20, 2010

junior varsity girl


Brianna tried out to play basketball for her high school and made the junior varsity team. She chose the number her dad wore when he was a freshman as well.


They had their first home game this afternoon and won 55-21.


Well done girls!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

missionary memoirs


Sister McClure is the mission leader for our group called Carolina Contacts. I was assigned to her group when I finished my classes to become an online support missionary for new FamilySearch. The group size fluctuates but there are normally about a dozen of us.

Sister McClure helps each one of us feel valuable. She  kindly and gently trains us so that we can better serve our patrons. In  difficult situations  she has been my champion, and I have seen her do the same for others in our group. She has been a wonderful source of encouragement to all of us.

I have really wanted to actually meet her. Today it was my blessing to do so.


We met up at a pretty little chapel in Columbia, not far from the temple.DSC09728  I think she is a very interesting woman. For example, as we chatted, she told me about a couple of projects that she has been involved with lately. One of them is an indexing project. It was previously believed that before 1870 there were few, if any records regarding the slave population in the south. Recently, however, records have been found in many plantations with census information and soon this information, for approximately 30,000 individuals, will be available online. She also shared some articles that she has been writing about genealogical resources. There are many reasons that she is an inspiration to all of us, but it is her kind heart that draws us in.

We  prayed together, and then, I continued on my way. It was a great experience that I enjoyed thinking about all during my journey home and will remember with fondness.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

house in the woods

This is where I worshipped today:


With them:


Happy Sunday.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

turkey apples

I keep caramels in a turkey shaped container during the Thanksgiving holidays. Ever since Courtney was a little child and asked me for “some turkey” we have called caramels “turkey” at our house.

Tonight we put a new spin on turkey and I taught them how to melt it and goop it onto apples.


While waiting for it to harden in the refrigerator, we smashed up Halloween candy and melted chocolate for the second coat.


After more decorating,


and more chilling,


well…they all loved eating their turkey apples.


Friday, November 12, 2010

the gleaners

I got lost returning home from the gymnastics run with Carter. The scenery was great, and I would have enjoyed it if I hadn’t been so terrified. After realizing I was lost and that it would take me a very long time to find my way home, I called California and  Tricia patiently talked me back to  familiar territory again.

I have been thinking about those dehydrated corn fields. They were worth a second look:

DSC09604   DSC09614DSC09661 DSC09624 DSC09631 DSC09622DSC09638  DSC09685

Thursday, November 11, 2010

school holiday

The kids have plenty of live entertainment at home today.







This afternoon we hiked and scootered the nature trail here in the neighborhood and then ended up at the park. JB wasn’t feeling well, having scraped up both knees on the aforementioned activities.

DSC09595 DSC09593

We enjoyed the glorious earth and the freedom we have to enjoy it. The kids talked with respect about the Veterans and seemed to sense the importance of their service and sacrifice. I thought about Brianna’s friend, Rachel. Her dad, away for a year now, serves on the other side of the globe, while his wife and family miss him.

Thanks to Rachel’s dad and all the others who honorably have served and do serve our country.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

colorful competition

I recently read a book about how we make decisions.  All the resources in my brain must have been working furiously (since I hate driving and love to be with my grandkids) when I decided to go to North Carolina so that I could tend the little ones…

I made the first part of the journey last night to St. Augustine and spent the evening with my brother to knock off the first two hours of the trip.

I woke up early and began my journey north, wending my way across the bridges of Jacksonville at sunrise and before the morning commuters were on their ways. The next couple of hours were challenging because the fog had rolled in off the coast of Georgia and settled on the I-95. South Carolina is the longest part of the journey and it was with a grateful heart that I was able to finally see well past where I would be in two seconds time. I put in my book on CD and continued onward.

It was the last hour and a half, normally the least interesting part of the drive, when I experienced this tender mercy: DSC09712

Fall has come late to the Carolinas and blessedly made the final stretch the best of all.

  DSC09711 DSC09713 DSC09718

Every bend in the road revealing vistas as beautiful as the previous ones.