Saturday, July 04, 2009

born on the fourth of july

The year that Cherylyn was born, the fourth of July was on Saturday like this year. Since Friday was a holiday, we had gone down to my family's house to swim and play games. The evening wore on and being too tired to drive the hour home, we spent the night. I woke up in hard labor. With nothing but beachwear of my own, I wore my sister’s nightgown to the hospital. When we checked in the nurse commented that I could have worn my regular clothes. (really!)




one day old





It was an easy birth and delivery. No meds were wanted or needed. I told the doctor that I would have her on the next contraction and he didn’t believe me saying that I wasn’t in enough pain.  But, I did. The next day when I was released from the hospital, my mother-in-law and I went to the mall to have a picture taken, because the ones in the hospital were too expensive.


She has always been fiercely loyal to her sisters.



But the truth is that she loves people…all people, and tends to think the best of others and tries to see an issue from their perspective when things go awry.




She also forgives easily.







She was a happy baby and a happy child. She is great to be around because she seldom is stressed and she doesn’t want you to be either.





She likes to be comfortable. This bathing suit was one of her favorite “outfits”.  There was a time when I could hardly get her to wearing anything besides a bathing suit.



File0036 File0040



Cherylyn loves the Lord and has an amazing testimony spawned by her study and retention of the gospel. It is great to talk with her about principles because her perspective is enlightening and multi-faceted.





She loves her country and although she thinks there is no place like home, she does get around and loves that too.


Happy birthday baby! DSC04208

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