Friday, July 10, 2009

toddlers and tykes for twenty two days

mel pics 2 011 DSC05325




DSCF1811 DSCF1801 mel pics 2 017






DSCF1804   DSC05321 






DSC05175 mel pics 2 030

There has been lots of eating and a little  sleeping. Lots of sun and a little rain. Lots of time in the water and  a little bit of  time on the playground. Lots of tubing and a little  skiing.

I will miss it all, I will miss them all.

Besides wonderful memories, they left behind a few things to remind me they were here:

the Bolt DVD

some brown shorts

Cars undies

a gold necklace

GMC Yukon

potato baby


a beautiful granddaughterDSC05375






CAMP starts tomorrow!

008 006 007

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JenniferCarter said...

Glad you are having a great summer with all your kids and grandkids.