Wednesday, March 28, 2012

temaiken bioparque

Temaiken a gorgeous zoo in Belen de Escobar. Since the schools here in Buenos Aires have not let out for Spring Break yet, we found that we had the zoo almost completely to ourselves. I wasn’t sure what the difference between a biopark and zoo was, but I did find out that bioparks are more sensitive to the needs of the animals, keep them in a habitat congruent to their species and this one also recues endangered animals. Many of the animals are not caged at all, but the park has been developed so that you can safely observe the animals, sometimes at extremely close range.DSC02201

The park is absolutely gorgeous, but in a very natural way.



Here we have Carter conquering his fear of the bird with the long and curved bill, making the biggest noises, just daring him to try and get past on the stairs. He and Tricia were the only ones who dared attempt the feat.


We learned lots of fun and interesting facts about birds. In the exhibit of the penguin, we were able to feel the temperature necessary to keep the birdie inside the egg alive. It was quite warm!


DSC02248There is a lovely bamboo forest where we saw all kinds of wildlife and probably missed all kinds of wildlife as well. My personal favorites were the cobalt blue vultures.





Izzy climbed up on this rock to get a great view of the Wallabys that were hopping nearby.




We loved watching the hippos above and below the water. Those animals are huge! One of them came right up to us at the window.


There were several huge aviaries at the park. This one housed the bats. It was HOT and STINKY in there and kind of scary too!


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