Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy thanksgiving


We had Thanksgiving with the office missionaries, which included, Elder Godfrey, Elder Baudon, Elder Woodruff, Elder Riutor, Elder Foster (still recuperating from appendicitis)  and Elder and Sister Cox.  It is a gorgeous sunny day, spring is leaning toward summer with 87 degrees outside. The Linden trees are in bloom making the city smell incredibly wonderful and the Jacaranda trees are starting to carpet the street in lavender flowers.  It was a beautiful day for giving thanks.

We were able to buy two frozen 9 pound turkeys, there is always tons of potatoes available, I was extraordinarily lucky to find artichokes for the stuffing, Tricia brought us pumpkin and the Bentons left behind some cranberry sauce. I did order apple strudel from the German bakery down the street because my apple pie doesn’t begin to approach the amazing-ness of what they make. I have made my rolls several times in Argentina, and I have finally worked out the kinks of a different oven and texture of flour and the rolls turned out perfect. If you count the strudel as apple pie, and I did, it was a very traditional meal for us.

Our experience with BAG has never failed to be wonderful. I won’t even try to describe what was said today. But Brianna and I sat at the table and wept along with  All The Men as each and every person shared personal and special Blessings, Accomplishments and Goals.

I love Thanksgiving!

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