Saturday, November 05, 2011

tricia’s last day

We had an unexpected P-day when the visas didn’t arrive for our missionaries, which meant that they didn’t arrive. We did have to make a trip to the office though.


Afterwards, we drove out to Tigre. It is a tourist-y little town. Presidente has always wanted to have lunch at this restaurant on the river. It was pleasant to sit there and enjoy the beautiful day.


It was such a blessing to have Tricia come, that I could hardly be sad when it was time for her to leave. It would have seemed selfish and ungrateful. We so appreciate her family for their sacrifices while she has been away. I loved having an hermana to hang out with me all week, especially since the hermana was my hija.  We tried to compact as many experiences as possible into a week long picture of the last four months of our lives. That was good for us too. It’s been nice to step back and take a look.

Even though Tricia is not a morning person, she put her best missionary foot forward rising and shining with a smile that lasted all day everyday…except when she was crying, of course. It made me realize that a mission is  an emotional journey, every single day.


Goodbye Sister Lewis! We adore you!

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