Friday, December 30, 2011

juan carter


This is Juan. I actually don’t even know what his last name is. He told me at New Way Remis, where he works, they call him Juan Carter. He takes Brianna and I all over the place. He goes the extra mile making sure we are safe and can accomplish our intentions. I am so grateful that I don’t have to drive! When Juan is not available, he never makes us call the company, he calls them for us and tells whoever will be picking us up exactly what to do.

The other day a combi (20 person bus) was supposed to pick up the refuerzos at the house. There was a misunderstanding and it ended up that they needed alternate transportation. We called Juan and asked for 5 remises. Pretty soon, he showed up with 4 other cars. He got out and gathered the other drivers to give them instructions.

He thinks he speaks English. Believe me when I say that my Spanish is waaaay better than his English. That day, however, in the moment, and loud enough for my husband and I to hear,  he said, in English, with his heavy Castellano accent, to his peers… “Listen to me!” We laughed and laughed.

When Elder Aidukaitis came to do our mission tour, he told me that I need to drive. I told him that I don’t even like driving in the States! “Oh well,” he responded, “you surely aren’t going to want to drive here then. How do you get around.”

Between Juan and the trains, I am doing pretty well.

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