Saturday, November 16, 2013

seminary graduate


The school system in Argentina begins in February/March and ends in December. Seminary follows roughly the same schedule except that it ends when the lessons have all been completed. For someone like Brianna who misses classes when she is traveling during the “Northamerican summer”, they are given the opportunity to do makeup work. In her case, serving a mini mission this past July filled most of the requirements except for some reading and paperwork.

Suffice it to say…she is Super Happy to be a Seminary Graduate. She is pretty excited that her certificate is in Spanish, as well. She feels that one of the blessings of attending seminary is the facility that she now has with the language.

She spoke at graduation, but she did not forget to mention her first year and her first teacher, Sister Ingalls in Florida. She loves her. She also loves Sister Palmieri, who has taught her early morning seminary class in Vicente Lopez.


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Felicitaciones Brianna!!

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