Saturday, May 22, 2010

camp teasers

We couldn’t have a more zealous promoter of grandkid camp than our first attendee, Courtney. After two years on her own, her brother, Carter joins us this year. When talking about grandkid camp one or the other of them is quick to follow up with…

and then Truby next year and Jonah the year after that and then Elliot and Clark the year after that and Izzy the year after that. (There are more grandkids, that’s just where they tend to end the much rehearsed monologue.)

They have been BEGGING for clues about camp this summer for months! They have used all their formidable charms to eeke some little scrap of information out of us, but we  sealed our lips. Since their invitations got sent this week, we decided to play a guessing game. Everyday they got an email with a picture.

Clue Number Oneimage

Being the space enthusiast that they are…they both guessed Space Camp. But that was not correct.

Clue Number Two

image They both guessed Earth Camp. Their mom guessed Weather Camp. Nope.

Clue Number Three


The kids were thinking something like Fourth of July Camp, and their mother, tongue in cheek guessed Earth, Wind and Fire Camp.

Clue Number Four


Courtney got it with clue number four. In fact, I was on the phone with her when she figured it out. I could hear her thinking it through and logic-ing out using the clues backwards! And when she had it right, she KNEW she had it right, because every clue worked. I could imagine her shining eyes and smiling face. In fact, my eyes were shining and my face was smiling too.






Do You Know The Theme of

Grandkid Camp this

summer at the Birdhouse?










No Peeking!















Carter knows too!

We will

Make them

Bake them

Buy them

Fly them

Draw them

Drive them

And, of course, there

will be a

special surprise!


Melanie said...

that's awesome...truby will be looking forward to next year. :)

Higleys said...

That sounds like a blast. I didn't get the clues. I'm kinda slow sometimes.