Monday, May 31, 2010

celebrating memorial day


Mostly, the rides on any kind of tube behind our waverunners are their own kind of thrill ride. This Memorial Day with the Berges, we instituted a new kind of ride. Not a thrill ride…this ride is called a “chatting ride.” Obviously, this ride is for people like the three of us, who just want to have a little chat while going round the lake without worrying about whiplash, falling or getting thrown off tube. (Yeah, we also had that kind of ride as well.)2010-05-31(19)

Nobody rides the Airhead with more panache than these two.


Megan and Brianna


with a different pose for the camera every time they came around.


Oh, and we don’t want to forget their exciting screams!



Yes, Andrew actually did fall sound asleep on the waverunner while spinning around the lake at just over 30 miles per hour.


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