Wednesday, May 05, 2010

getting in

We were quite surprised that the San Diego Temple did not look like this tonight! They are  doing some restorative work and scaffolding is the main feature of the temple at the moment. Inside the windows are all temporarily draped as well. 2004-san-diego-temple-at-night

The comment was made that perhaps Erika might have chosen another temple since there are a few in southern California to choose from and the pictures are going to be less than ideal.

Spencer pointed out that if the St. George Temple were draped in black and you had to get married in a hole in the basement that would have made no difference to us, and we laughed and acknowledged that it was true. Then Craig told us that the temple had sent Erika a CD for the photographer to use to photoshop their pictures. Thank heaven for technology. And thank you  for the above picture.

On the way to the temple, Doug always asks me if I have my recommend. I always answer that I have him. It is my way to tease him. Come on, there ought to be a few perks for having the stake president as a husband.

He dropped my mom and I off at the door and then went to park. When he arrived at the front desk, we were both still there. I had handed my recommend to the worker, and he scanned it and then said that he needed to make a call.

Make a call? Ummmm…my stake president is just on his way in?

Then I remembered that I had just received a new recommend and pulled it out of my purse. Since the old one had been invalidated, they kept it.

Next up, my mom. Her recommend expired in March and she had forgotten to check it and/or renew it. They gave her the go ahead as well, but told her to have a new one before the wedding on Saturday.

So we made it. It was a small session with only the 11 of us and a very few other patrons. It is  always great going to the temple and going to the temple with family is even better. We loved gathering round Erika as she entered the Celestial Room for the first time and sharing all the joy.

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