Tuesday, May 18, 2010

while i was away

There were quite a few jobs aging on the to-do list. Doug and his able-bodied helper, Brianna, worked their way around the house. Starting at the top, the dormers got painted.DSC07969

After pressure spraying both floors, a new coat of paint was in order for the porch floor


and the porch railing.


The rocking chairs benefited from a few cans of spray paint.


The plants in the garden that literally froze to death this past winter were discarded and replaced.


The Birdhouse has been spruced up.

waving goodbye Well done!


Melody said...

It really does look beautiful. You can tell that a LOT of hard work goes into that beautiful home you have. I love it!

JenniferCarter said...

Looks amazing! Good work guys.

Melanie said...

looooking gooood!