Wednesday, April 04, 2012


We have been looking forward to the ballet for weeks. Brianna did a special hairstyle on Courtney for our big event.

 At the ballet!

Tonight we went back to the Teatro Colon to see the ballet Carmen. We left The Littles at home with B and headed into Buenos Aires for a night on the town. Carmen is not exactly a happy story (seriously, three people get stabbed!) but the music was incredible and the dancing was delightful. I was surprised how much of the music I knew. (The kids, of course, recognized some from Little Einsteins.) It was such a privilege to hear and see such beauty.
There was a big storm that blew through while we were in the theater. We saw all kinds of trees damaged on our ride home. Of course, there were no police directing traffic around the trees, but Argentines manage to figure out a way around downed trees including driving on the wrong side of the road, in the mud, and on the sidewalk just fine.

We stopped at Morelias on the way home for a late night dinner and dessert.

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