Tuesday, April 03, 2012

tuesday with the seguines

This morning Dan took Carter to gymnastics for his final lesson with Jorge. DSC00348DSC00349

Carter got to meet Vladimir Makarian, the men's coach, today. It turns out, he and Carter's coach in North Carolina worked at the SAME GYM in Russia. Small world!

Presidente had to go into the office, but I went with Ed and Kathy to check out some chocolate places around town. We went to the Chocolate Lounge in Acassuso and then got on the train to Martinez were we visited the Vasilissa chocolatier. I am confident that Ed knew more about their chocolate that they did. Luckily, for us he said that it was great quality chocolate that originated in Belgium and then he purchased various pieces for all to enjoy!


Later, Dan, Ed, Kathy, Tricia and I went into Buenos Aires. First stop was to Comme il Faut where Tricia purchased tango shoes. The shop is really just a room with chairs and mirrors. The sales people bring out shoes for you to try on. You have no idea what your options are really, but they decide what style looks best on you and they just start bringing out different color combinations. I went here a couple of weeks ago to check it out all by myself and I was the only one in the store. However, today there were several shoppers. I got in trouble for taking a picture of the cute shoes that Tricia ended up with inside the store!




Then we went to find some fabric stores for Kathy. We found a great little shop that carries fabrics from Argentina and Brazil. Kathy had made me a fabulous quilt in Argentine flag colors and quilted it in a sunflower pattern. I couldn’t be more delighted!!!!



Doug arrived home in time to make the trip to the airport to drop off Ed and Kathy. There was quite a bit of traffic and it took awhile to get there. However, we saw some pretty normal stuff for us that was very interesting to our non-residents! Like, a man on the freeway getting let out of the car, and walking up the off ramp. Same thing happened with a collectivo (bus service). The bus just pulled over and let someone out on the freeway. We saw cops pushing their own non-functioning police car and people burning trash on the side of the road. Fun driving in B.A. I tell you.
After saying goodbye, the four of us went back to the city to Puerto Madero. This part of town is new since Dan was on his mission. In those days it was a nasty port area but now it is an area of upscale housing and great restaurants. Every street in the area is named after a woman and the bridge in the distance (which we walked across) is called The Puente de la Mujer (Women's Bridge). We enjoyed a great restaurant there and an after dinner stroll along the river.

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