Saturday, April 07, 2012

saturday with the seguines

When there is no power and water, people do crazy things, like light stuff on fire, loot and riot. And so today my Presidente and his assistants had to organize the mass removal of 54 missionaries from their apartments to other locations in the mission. It wasn't ideal for our last with the Seguines, but they were charitable and said that it was fascinating to watch how the inspired the leaders of the area worked together to efficiently accomplish this task.

We did get into San Isidro to the craft fair and they bought a few last minute gifts and keepsakes. We also went to the grocery stores so that they could stack up on Leche sweets and alfajores.

The zone leaders brought a bag of all of their favorite Argentine sweets delighting our sweet-toothed grandkids!DSC02567

It has been wonderful to share our lives with all of the Seguines the past two weeks…oh how we will miss them!4-8-2012

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