Saturday, April 21, 2012

doubly blessed

The Mission President’s Seminar was held in Uruguay. Since our friends, the Heymans, are serving in Resistencia, they needed to fly into Buenos Aires the night before the seminar started. They understand all of the spiritual highs, as well as the rough times of being a mission president. We laughed our way through dinner and stayed up too late chatting.
The seminar was amazing in every way. The last day four of us had a couple of hours so we went out for a little shopping at Manos de Uruguay. It is a cooperative for women so that they can stay at home, but market their handmade goods. It is one of the most successful ventures of this kind. I was very pleased to support the effort!
We returned home on different flights than the Heymans, but we already had our plans in place for dinner in town. We hadn’t planned on getting gridlocked into our parking place. Thank heaven, President Heyman has experience with these kind of issues, so it was just a temporary inconvenience.
We look forward to seeing them again in six months!

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