Monday, April 02, 2012

jonah’s family party


And after the asado, when it got dark, we had another party. I purchased fireworks at a store in our neighborhood called POW!DSC02487

We told the owners at POW! that we did not have a lot of room and needed very safe fireworks! It was going along well, right until we lit the ladybug! It started whistling, and then spinning and then all of a sudden it took off, shooting over our fence and probably the neighbors as well. It was terrifying, but also, for some reason ridiculously hysterical. We laughed until we couldn’t laugh anymore…and then we decided to put away the other ladybugs, for another day and a safer place.DSC02491

I still wanted to see if we could launch a globe. Our first attempt was a failure,


but not the second!4-5-2012

Wishing on a successful globe means that your dream will come true,

for sure!


And, last of all, sparklers, for the brave souls that were still out on the patio.


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