Thursday, July 29, 2010

how to french braid

Step 1: Bear and raise three daughters to the age that all of them are sufficiently old enough to have long hair and not old enough to not want you to do their hair.

Step 2: Make them sit in front of you for consecutive days until you have mastered the art that you have been reading about.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that they may remember those days unpleasantly for the rest of their lives. So much so that they don't even WaNT to learn how to french braid their own daughter's hair.

Step 3: Take some small measure of satisfaction that they really did like it and think it was worth it when they DO ask you to teach them.
Step 4: Have fun braiding your daughter's hair once again before she braids her daughter's hair.

Well done Tricia!

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debbie said...

Madison was so tender-headed it wasn't worth it. Now she gets her revenge for the little I did to her when she colors or cuts my hair now. I bet a psychologist would unearth that is the real reason she became a cosmetologist.