Wednesday, July 07, 2010

kite camp—buy them

Our adventure started right after breakfast today when we drove quite a long way to patronize this exciting place. 


DSC08530There were so many kites to choose from and all of them seemed as wonderful as all the others. It was a difficult decision, but  Carter decided to try another delta. The one he purchased was a dual line kite called Fire.




Courtney had such great success with her diamond kite that she chose another one with a turtle design.




That left  Papa and I, and, of course, ours had to be a sled.


Then we drove for a couple of more minutes to:DSC08538

It is a beautiful, cool, white sand beach. We parked our car right on the beach and enjoyed our Publix picnic. We also thought it was very handy having all our kite gear right where we would be using it.

Courtney had her kite up in a couple of minutes…literally.DSC08542 Here she is chasing down her reel when she accidentally dropped it. DSC08549

She flew the turtle kite for a quite a while. Then we hooked it onto the camp chair. Then, she pulled Ultra Star out of the back of the car and up it went straightaway.

She is a pro!

She looks like a pro as well with her kite glove and all.


Papa was learning how to fly a dual line kite. He no sooner learned himself than he was engaged in teaching Carter the gist of it.DSC08559 DSC08561 DSC08570

It was tricky, but not too tricky for him.



The dual line cannot fly on its own. After Carter became an expert at flying it, he pulled it in. Doug launched the sled. Then he did an excellent job tending the  kites while I read and watched the kids enjoy the sand and surf.






Tricia said...

Seriously, I think it's totally unfair that I don't get to go to grandKID camp. I think you should do KID camp for me, Mel & Chez. :)

debbie said...

What a beautiful day for kite flying! Creatures of habit you are for sticking to your tried and true styles.

Before she does KID camp she has to do DIVA camp for the book club!

Melody said...

It looks like it was a wonderful day! Jealous.