Monday, October 31, 2011

tricia’s visit day three

After we got up and dressed, we took the train one stop to San Isidro this morning. We purchased fresh fruits at the fruit market and whole wheat medialunas at the Hausbrot bakery.

Back at home after being reinforced with that delicousness, we decided to take the train the other direction one stop to Martinez.

DSC08992 DSC08991

She did some shopping taking advantage of the fact that winter is over now on this side of the earth, and she found some really cute stuff on sale. Presidente wanted to meet us for lunch, so we called Juan, our favorite remis driver and had him take us to the restaurant. The food is amazing in Buenos Aires and we pretty much figured out the very first day that we were going to have to eat a lot of meals out so that she could see for herself.

DSC08996After lunch and a quick change for Presidente, we took the train all the way back into the city. It’s about a 25 minute ride.

We showed her the DSC08994 Galleria Pacifico and she got some t-shirts on La Florida Street to take home to her kids. We also did a quick stop off at Patio Bullrich where Presidente got a cell phone cover that looks like the Argentine flag…it is very cheesy, but very cute. I think it will actually be easier to find when he is looking for it as well!

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