Saturday, October 29, 2011

tricia’s visit day one

We cried. A lot. Off and on throughout the day…tears of great joy!

After leaving the airport, we set off for the mission offices.  Right away the assistants observed that Tricia and I are a lot alike. ("Let's GO Dad!").

DSC08977 Then we headed into downtown Buenos Aires. Spring is in full force in Buenos Aires and it seemed like everyone wanted to be out enjoying the warm sunshine. Because there are no beaches, people pretty much lay out anywhere. She was amused by the guy that was laying out in the grassy part of an island in the middle of the road!

Piegari-restaurant-in-Recoleta For lunch, we went to my favorite Italian Restaurant  called Piegari. It's where I love to go to for special occasions, and today was my Christmas.




Doug and I had originally planned to go to Recoleta, which has a great street/craft fair every weekend.  Tricia was up for it, so off we went. We spent awhile browsing through the stalls. Tricia picked up some cool handicrafts--a scarf, jewelry, and a nativity scene and some cute teacher gifts for later on in the year. I got another nativity and some jewelry as well.


After that, we left downtown and headed for home. We stopped in the grocery store where we entertained Tricia by showing her how many things come in bags--mayonnaise, yogurt drink, and milk to name a few.

At home, we walked around the neighborhood streets. We took her to  Delicity, one of the many bakeries nearby. It turns out that she is also a huge fan of dulce de leche and enjoyed eating croissants, churros, and cookies filled with dulce de leche. Then we went to a store that makes fresh pasta to purchase Sunday dinner for tomorrow.

We did our best to keep Tricia awake. Her husband and sisters helped out by calling to see how The Big Surprise went. Later on, she and I walked  the other direction up the street to Carlito's for a light dinner.

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