Monday, April 06, 2009

blustery day

The kids and their mom arrived around noon. After lunch Courtney, Brianna and I went to the grocery store while everyone else didn't nap. Courtney kept her fingers crossed all the way through the grocery store hoping so much that we could go down to the lake. The weather was not ideal. In fact, it poured rain while we were in the store. Nevertheless, they wanted to go so off we went. Note that Doug is wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt.DSC04540DSC04560

Tricia is wearing a sweatshirt.




DSC04565 DSC04558

They loved it!


JB is still the speed demon on the waverunners.DSC04541








Later, IzzyBella found her watering can from Christmas and decided the garden needed some attention.




Then she had fun playing on the outside stairs and making funny faces at me while I was working in the kitchen.


Courtney and I made dinner which included her favorite, Key Lime Pie, HOMEMADE. It was quite yummy. Tonight, Doug and Tricia played tennis against Linda Teets and I. Alas, the wind was blowing in their favor.

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Gail said...

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm your homemade Key lime pie is The BEST! by the way this is kirstie