Saturday, April 18, 2009

salvaging saturday

Today I went to another class at the Leu Gardens. It is my third class. I would give the class  a 0/5 stars except that I won the door prize which was a hibiscus plant. Then again I think the door prize was rigged.  I was apparently the only person in the class who wasn't called and told that they were starting the class half an hour early because the teacher had another obligation. So I missed the first part of the class, and the second part was an old  VHS tape of some guy on a very small tv screen showing us how to graft.

The trip to Leu Gardens was redeemed by the beautiful rose gardens which were stunning today.

DSC04762 And then I remembered about the Farmer's Market in Winter Park on Saturday mornings, so I decided to head over there to check it out.

DSC04763It was a visual feast between the vegetable and plant vendors. The prices were great! I almost felt as if I was in some European city with so many folks out and about and all the sidewalk cafes full. DSC04765 I think the market actually finishes up around noon so I was glad that I got there soon enough.








But on the way home I stopped off at my very own, not very charismatic flea market and purchased my produce from my favorite vendor DSC04768 because they appreciate my business.



DSC04767My trekker arrived home safely this evening with tales of the "best trek ever".  He enjoyed the delicious salad we had for dinner. And, he will probably want to go with me to Winter Park one Saturday soon because he really likes sidewalk shopping and eating. I missed him.

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Danette Garrett said...

That sounds so fun and relaxing.