Tuesday, April 14, 2009

gittin' ready


Doug leaves for the "trek experience" tomorrow morning. This afternoon he and I went out to Ruff's Saddle Shop off a narrow track rode in Umatilla. Doug wanted to purchase something to make his ride in the saddle a little more comfy. Three generations of cowboys were working in the shop. They all had on freshly ironed plaid shirts, clean jeans, huge silver belt buckles and spotless cowboy hats. I was wondering if they got them new for Easter, but didn't ask. There were two HUGE dogs sleeping behind the counter and country music was playing in the background. The store itself was immaculate. In some way Johnny, Frank and ? Ruff (I don't know the third one's name, but I hope that it is Frank Jr.) all helped out with the purchase. These are the kind of folks that give "country" a good reputation.

Take care on the trail, cowboy!


Cherylyn said...

I'm jealous...I wanna go!

Danette Garrett said...

Ive been to that shop with Pam Shofkom. I hope everyone has a great time.