Friday, December 05, 2008

nativity tour continues

The second leg of the nativity tour begins right here in Central DSC03550Florida.

One day while touring Epcot, I saw an artisan making these silhouettes sans the wiseman. I asked him about it and he told me that he would be adding a piece each

Orlando, Florida

year. I bought the set and the following year, I emailed him about the wiseman. A few weeks later I received the wiseman in the mail free of charge. He told me that he had forgotten his intention and thanked me for reminding him by gifting the wiseman to me.

In Argentina there is a small little town not far from where we lived in San Isidro. Many weekends there was a small street fair on the riverbanks. Local artisans sold their wares as well as handcrafted items from around the country. This is a small puzzle screen of various woods.

DSC03566 Tigre, Argentina

Tigre, Argentina

In 2005, our family went to visit Doug's brother, Kyle and his family when they were doing an assignment for the military in Anchorage. They recommended that we spend some time fishing. We had a very rocky day at sea. I wonder that I lived to tell the tale. But, Doug pulled out enough halibut to fill the quota for himself as well as Brianna and I. Later, I found this igloo nativity in a small store on "The Spit."

DSC03552 Homer, Alaska

Melanie started giving me the pieces to the Willow Tree nativity for my birthday when she lived in Utah. When I visited her, she showed me the stable piece that a local person had designed. The Willow Tree group ended up selling a much different kind of piece the following year, which is great, but I have always loved the one I got. It is up high on top of my television hutch, so it was hard to get a good picture of it.

DSC03555 Lehi, Utah

DSC03562On a crooked, narrow road between Burgess Hill and Brighton is the small shoppe of a potter. One day on a whim she took the handles from a pot and molded them into the Holy Family. Then she put them in her window for a holiday dressing. I stopped. And she sold them to me. Clayton, England


Tricia said...

I can't tell you how glad I am that you are writing all of this down. I love the nativity tour!

debbie said...

thanks for the tour. I have seen the shell one out all year and have wondered about the story behind it.