Thursday, August 05, 2010

garden reality check

I never like watching reality show tryouts. I guess I am one of the few people who do not think it is funny when truly untalented people audition among the genuinely talented. They have their moment, and I suppose, good for them.
Coming home after not tending to my garden for nearly six weeks of the tropical growing season, I am afraid of what I will find in my herb garden. Amongst the many weeds, there are imposters that almost look like herbs and others, that while interesting, do not belong. Then against all odds, I took this picture

to give a blog moment to the palm like thing
sprouting amongst the oregano, lemon-scented geranium and tarragon before I yanked it out.
The true star of my garden this August is the ginger. Even the surrouding trees seem to appreciate the beauty, angling the sun every morning, in such a way, that for nearly an hour, only these plants are spotlighted and showcased in their spectacular glory.

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debbie said...

beautiful ginger. good pix, too