Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving

DSC03474 Our morning tennis matches appear to be catching up with Papa. My grandkids spotted the weak link the first day, and everyday when we first begin they sit together on the sidelines and chant over and over:

"Go, Nana, GO!"

I just have to say that it makes my day.


Courtney helped me roll out the dough for our dinner rolls.

Cherylyn got the kids involved in a project first thing this morning making headbands. Such sweet faces...these Indians of ours.

DSC03494 DSC03489 DSC03488 DSC03486 DSC03485DSC03484 DSC03482 DSC03480

Dinner was delicious and beautiful. Dan put an extraordinary amount of effort into our wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.






Blessings - to have a job with great people

Accomplishment - getting the garage done

Goal - to keep the company in business


Blessing - to teach school and have such a great group of kids to finish up with this year

Accomplishment - making my blog into a book for 2006

Goal - to be a service missionary


Blessing - to have great YW leaders

Accomplishment - to learn a new sport (ie softball)

Goal - to go to public school


Mary said...

Looks just beautiful. I think I need for you to give me a private lesson on crust making.

Melody said...

I am sure that you all had a wonderful time! What a blessing to be with 3 of your daughters and so many of your grandchildren. Only missing piece was Melanie and her family and I'm sure she really missed you all.

SpaceyKasey said...

What a fantastic Thanksgiving.

I'm diggin' your "b.a.g." tradition. I feel inspired.