Tuesday, October 05, 2010

feeling vulnerable


I had my appointment to go  back to see Dr. Manoogian again today. He said that my shoulder looks good and that I don’t need to wear my sling anymore. It feels  scary without it.

Doug took me for a driving lesson yesterday in anticipation that I would get clearance to drive today. I did pretty well with the lesson. Even though the doctor first said next week for the driving, when I moaned, he relented and said that  Thursday will be fine. However, Doug’s flight to California was this afternoon, sooooo….

We checked Brianna out of school early (really, she hasn’t been feeling well all week!) and after dropping him off at Orlando International, formerly known as McCoy Air Force Base, Brianna and I headed home. Well, we headed home, but the car headed to the mall at Millenia. We had a nice meal and did a little walking and a little shopping together, which is where we still were when Doug called from Dallas to make sure that we had returned home safely.

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